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How to manually draw a path?

  • Tap on the screen center dot and on Create a placemark… ;
  • Select Path ;
  • If you want, type a name in the Name text field, or change the place where to save the track;
  • Tap Ok .

The edit mode is activated, you can now:

  • Move the screen center dot over the start location, tap Draw to activate the drawing mode and move the screen center dot along the path you want to draw;
  • If needed, tap Delete multiple times to delete the last locations in the backward direction.

As you draw the path, the statistics update in the below panel. In case you've the DEM elevations turned on, the elevation profile is also displayed.

If you need more space, tap Statistics to hide the statistics panel.

If needed, you can:

  • Deactivate and reactivate the drawing mode multiple times to draw distinct path segments;
  • Tap Waypoint to add waypoints associated to the path;
  • Tap on the Search a location icon to jump to remote locations by name or coordinates;
  • Tap on then Auto-routing icon to activate the auto-routing mode.

When you have finished, tap on the Save & Close icon to save your path and exit from the edit path mode.


How to split or edit points of a path?

  • Tap anywhere on the path and on its name ;
  • Scroll down the menu and choose Edit points to activate the edit path mode.

When you tap on any location , an edit menu is displayed allowing you to make various actions on the selected location:

  • Insert here to insert new locations from here;
  • Move to center to move this location on to the screen center;
  • Delete to delete this location.

Or on the path segment that contain the selected location:

  • Edit color to change the color of this particular segment (it will override the track color);
  • Split here to split this segment into two different segments at the selected location;
  • Delete to delete the entire segment.

When you have finished, tap on the Save & Close icon to save your path and exit from the edit path mode.