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How to add maps from the community maps list?

To install new maps form the community maps list:

  • Tap on the “Maps & Layers menu and on “Available maps;
  • Tap on the “+ button, or on “Add new maps at the end of the list;


  • Wait for the community maps list to update and display, and select any available map set ;
  • A new category is added to your installed on-demand maps list ;
  • You can select any map , the list is closed and the selected map displayed .

Maps with a star icon are pre-installed maps.


How to update maps from the community maps list?

Map servers often change the way they provide maps, so we must update the community maps on a regular basis. However, those changes are not automatically updated on your device, so if you see that a map is not working properly, try to update its map group as explained here:

  • Tap the “Maps & Layers menu and “Available maps;
  • Tap the menu icon of the map group you want to update. Do not tap the menu of a single map;
  • Choose “Update.

During the update process, all the maps of the updated group are un-displayed, so you'll need to display your map again.

If the map is still not working after the update, contact us by email.