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How to manually draw a path?

  • Click on the map center icon and on Create a landmark… ;
  • Select Path ;
  • If desired, type a name in the Name text field;
  • Click on Ok to validate.

The edit mode is activated, you can now draw the path:

  • Move the map center over the start location;
  • Click on Draw to start the drawing;
  • Move the map center along the path to draw;
  • If needed, you can delete the last location by clicking Delete ;
  • When you have finished to draw the first path part, click again on “Draw;
  • If desired, you can move the map center over another location and draw another path part.

To edit an existing path point or path part, click on it .

To add waypoints to the path , click on Waypoint .

When finished, click on Save & close .


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