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Supported on-board map formats

The application can read the following map formats.

AlpineQuest Map Format (*.aqm)

This format has been especially developed for AlpineQuest in order to be efficient on embedded devices with low memory.

Key features are:

  • Image compression (using JPEG or PNG compression);
  • Multi-levels of detail;
  • Low CPU and memory requirement;
  • Unlimited area size;
  • Fast displaying.

You can create your own AQM offline maps using:

  • MAPC2MAPC, an offline map converter, which allows to convert various offline map formats in AQM format and to calibrate maps on images (free and paid versions available).

QuickChart Map Format (*.qct) from MemoryMap

This is a common map format used by MemoryMap that allows users to use commercial maps in AlpineQuest.

Key features are:

  • Image compression;
  • Single level of detail;
  • Low CPU and memory requirement.

It is possible to download QCT maps from the Internet or purchase them from various retailers.

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