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Sharing locations

How to share locations to others?

  • Click on the center of the map icon to display the center screen pop-up menu;
  • Click on the Share… menu item.

You can also share the location of a displayed waypoint, so its name is also shared:

  • Click on the displayed waypoint to display its pop-up menu;
  • Click on the waypoint's name to display all available actions;
  • Click the Share… menu item.


Once you've chosen to share the location, the system will display a list of installed applications that can share things to other users, like e-mails, GMail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

For example, you can choose to share the location by text message (SMS). In this case, select the Messages menu item. The Message application will be started.

The Message application is not the same on all devices, the following steps are only given as an example and may vary on your device.

  • Enter the name of the person you want to share the location to, or select him from the contact chooser ;
  • Optionally, personalize the text message to send ;
  • Click on the Send button.

When personalizing the message to send, be sure to leave the “[GPS …]” part intact to correctly share the location, and the shared name between quotes.


How to display locations received from others?

When receiving locations shared by other users using text messages, the application SMS Location Receiver can warn you and let you display the location in one click.

If this other application is installed and you receive a location by text message, a notification sound is played and an icon is displayed in the Android status bar.

  • Click on the Android status bar to display the notification;
  • Click on the notification to start the application and display the location on the map .

You can also manually start the SMS Location Receiver application to display all locations previously received . Click on the Delete icon of a location to delete it.


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