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How to import CSV/TSV landmarks?

To import a landmark from a CSV/TSV file:

  • Click on the Landmarks menu button ;
  • Click on Explore landmarks to open the landmarks explorer;
  • Using the landmarks explorer, location the file to import, and click on it .


In the import settings dialog:

  • If needed, choose the type of landmark to create from the imported points, the column separator character, the file characters set and the format of coordinates ;
  • Un-check the Headers in first row check-box if the first line of the file is not used to store headers;
  • For each columns of the file to import, click on its assignment button and choose a corresponding type ;
  • After choosing at least a Coordinates column or a Latitude and a Longitude column, click on the Ok button to import the file.

Some of the columns may already be assigned since the application tries to detect the file content based on headers.


A new landmarks will be created from the imported points and saved in the same folder. To display it:

  • Click on it to open it ;
  • Click on the Display button to display it on the map.


How to export CSV/TSV landmarks?

To export a landmark to a CSV/TSV file:

  • Long-press the landmark to export ;
  • Select Export as… ;
  • Choose CSV file for comma-separated values, or TSV file for tab-separated values.


In the export settings dialog:

  • Select all columns you want to export, by checking or un-checking the corresponding check-boxes ;
  • Click on the Ok button to export the landmark;
  • The exported file is created and saved in the same folder .


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