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How to create GPX landmarks ?

GPX landmarks must be created in GPX files. You can either click on an existing GPX file to open it, or create a new one:

  • Display the landmarks sub-menu and select “Explore landmark;
  • At the bottom of the Landmarks Explorer window, select the “+” menu item;
  • Choose to create a new “GPX File.

If needed, click on the newly created GPX file to open it. Then, select the “+ menu item again to add GPX landmarks.


How to convert landmarks to the GPX format ?

You can convert waypoints, routes and tracks to the GPX format from AlpineQuest using the copy/paste feature.

  • Open the AlpineQuest Landmarks Explorer;
  • Long-click on a landmark and select the “Copy” context menu item;
  • Browse an existing GPX file or create a new one (Click on the “Create” bottom menu item and choose “GPX File”, see above more more details);
  • Click on the “Clipboard” bottom menu item;
  • Select “Paste”.

The landmark is converted to the GPX format and the file automatically saved.

If you select “Cut” instead of “Copy”, the original landmark is deleted.


How to export tracks in GPX format ?

  • From the GPS Location Tracker window, click on the “Export” button;
  • If desired, enter a name and a description for your track;
  • Check the “GPX” export format option ;
  • Click on the “OK” button to proceed to the export.

The track will be exported in a GPX file in the AlpineQuest landmarks folder (by default '/sdcard/alpinequest/landmarks/').

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