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Recorded tracks

The application stores all tracks by the track recorder in the Recorded tracks folder.

When you display this folder, you can access all your recorded tracks, filter them based on different properties, and get global statistics and graphics.

How to list recorded tracks?

To open the recorded tracks list:

  • Tap on the Positioning menu item;
  • Tap Track recorder ;
  • Tap Recorder tracks .

Alternatively, you can display the recorded tracks list from the Placemarks Explorer, by navigating to the Recorded tracks folder.


How to use the recorded tracks list?

At the top of the Recorded tracks list is displayed the Statistics section where various information is given about listed tracks.

If you are not interested by the statistics, tap on the Statistics title to close this section.

Under the statistics, are listed all recorded track, where you can:

  • Tap on the Sort by… shortcut icon to change the display order of the tracks , either by Name, by Date, by Distance from screen center or by various statistics, ascending or descending;
  • Tap on the header menu icon to access various operations for the whole list , like Display all to display all recorded tracks on the map, Undisplay all to remove all tracks from the map, or Export as… to export all recorded tracks in a single file.


You can also tap on the menu icon of a particular track to list all operations available for this track. For example, to export it to an external program:

  • Tap Export as… ;
  • Choose the format in which you want to export the track, for example GPX file which offers a good compatibility.

Once the track has been exported, the full path of the exported file is displayed.

  • Tap Share to share the file (send it as email, upload it on Dropbox, etc.);
  • Tap Open to open the file with a compatible application installed on your device (available choices depend on the applications installed on your device);
  • Tap on Ok to close the dialog.


Statistics and Graphics

The top part of the statistics panel contains the overall Length, Duration and Gain of all recorded tracks listed below. The bottom part contains a graphic of those statistics for the different years.

You can select any statistic field to display this value by year. For example, tap Duration to display the recorded duration for the different years. When no statistic field is selected (outlined by a gray line), the number of recorded track segments is given.

Press the graphic and swipe your finger to the left to display the next graphic , which displays the statistics by track activities instead of years.

The statistics and graphics are computed from the recorded track segments, so the number of items may differ from the number of tracks listed below, in case you have multiple-segment tracks.



You can add as many filters as you want in order to display a subset of the recorded tracks, and get the statistics and graphics on this subset:

  • Tap on the Filter icon;
  • Select any filter from the list, for example Date to only display the recorded tracks of some particular years;
  • Check the years you want to filter ;
  • Tap Ok to validate.


The filters currently applied are displayed at the top of the statistics panel. You can tap any filter to edit it, or tap the red cross to delete it.

The statistics and graphics are updated in order to take into account only the recorded tracks that match all filters. If only one year is selected, the graphic will be displayed by months instead of years.

Instead of selecting a date, you can also filter recorded tracks by activities:

  • Tap on the Filter icon;
  • Select Activity and check the activities you want to filter ;
  • Tap Ok to validate.

The second graphic allows you to compare the distances of each activities.