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How to suggest a new community map?

If you know a freely and publicly available online map, don't hesitate to suggest it so we can check if it can be added to the community maps list.

Please check that the map you want to suggest is not already available in the community maps list.

To suggest a map:

  • Click on the “Maps menu and select “Available maps;
  • At the end of the on-demand maps list, click on “Add new maps;


  • Wait for the community maps list to be displayed and check if your map is not already listed;
  • If not, click on “Suggest a map;
  • Enter the exact map server URL in the “Url text field, a small comment about the map in the “Comment text field and your e-mail address in the “E-mail text field so we can give you an update;
  • Click on “Ok to submit your suggestion.


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