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How to erase a color of a map?

When displaying multiple non-transparent maps at the same time , only the top one will be visible on the screen. The application allows you to erase a color range from a map so that the map below can be visible for those areas, which can be very useful for particular uses, such as turning a map into a layer.

To erase a color range of a map:

  • Tap the Menu icon button of the map from the Displayed maps list;
  • Choose Erase color .

The erase color side view is displayed and allows you to choose the RGB color values to erase . For each color components, three values are given: the minimum value of the range to erase, the center value and and maximum value.

To help you choose the right color, an information box is also displayed which gives the RGB color values at the screen center (under the screen center icon).


How to automatically erase the screen center color?

Alternatively, to automatically erase the color at the screen center:

  • Tap the Settings icon button;
  • Choose Screen center coordinates .

The RGB color values are automatically chosen and the color is erased .


How to increase the color range to erase?

By default, the width of the color range goes from -5 values to +5 values around the range center value (11 values erased per color). In order to increase or reduce the accuracy of the selected color, you can modify the range of the color values:

  • Tap the Settings icon button;
  • Choose Accuracy ;
  • Select a smaller range to increase accuracy and erase less colors, for example +/-3 (7 values erased per color);
  • Select a wider range to decrease accuracy and erase more color, for example +/-9(19 values erased per color).

How to disable the erase of a color?

To not erase any colors anymore:

  • Tap the Settings icon button;
  • Choose None .

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