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Display the details of a track to get its complete details page, made of

  • A preview section (on the default map);
  • A complete statistics section ;
  • A list of events occurring during the track .

The statistics section is divided in sub-sections:

  • The overall statistics , listing Date (the start date and time), Time (the total time elapsed between the start and the end), Stopped (the total stopped time, sum of rest time of all breaks), Length (the total length) and Calories (estimation based on the length, speed, inclines and user weight);
  • Statistics on elevations , listing Min/Max (the overall minimum and maximum elevations) and Gain/Loss (the cumulative elevation gain and loss);
  • Statistics on moving speeds (ignoring stopped times), listing Total (the speed when moving, computed from the total length and the moving time; the total time minus the stopped time) and Up (the ascent speed).

Click on Events to display the list of events occurring during the track, as well as their location on the track profile just above. Events include start and end time, locations of minimum and maximum elevations, locations of breaks (along with the rest time for each break), etc.

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