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How to merge tracks?

Tracks are made of pieces called track segments. The application allows you to copy/cut/paste segments from tracks to tracks. This way you can move the contain of one track towards another.

Given two different tracks and , each made of one single segment, it's possible to move the segment of the second track into the first track:

  • Tap on the “Landmarks menu icon and on “Explore landmarks;
  • Browse the folder containing the two tracks, and tap on the second track to display its details;
  • In the segments list, long-tap the segment to move or tap on its icon ;


  • Tap on “Cut to move the track segment or on “Copy” to duplicate it;
  • Browse the details page of the first (destination) track and tap on the “Clipboard icon;
  • Tap on “Paste all to paste the track segment inside the destination track;
  • Once the track segment has been moved (or copied), the two segments are listed in the segments list .

Even if the two segments are now in the same track, they are still displayed independently as two different parts. In order to display them as a single part, you can merge the two segments (see below).


How to merge track segments?

In order to merge all the segments of a track:

  • Browse the details page of the track, and tap on the “Track segments menu icon;
  • Tap on “Group all;
  • The resulting segment is listed in the segments list and the track is now displayed as a single part on the map .


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