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How to create a set of waypoints?

  • Tap on the screen center icon and on Create a landmark… ;
  • Choose Set of waypoints ;
  • If desired, type a name in the Name text field;
  • If desired, change the folder in which to save the set of waypoints;
  • If desired, change other properties like the color or the icon by tapping on More… ;
  • Tap on Ok to validate.

The edit mode is activated, you can now add waypoints:

  • Move the screen center icon over the location where to add a waypoint and tap on + Waypoint ;
  • If desired, type a name for the waypoint in the Name text field and change other properties by tapping on More…;
  • Tap on Ok to validate.

The new waypoint is displayed on the map. Add as many waypoints as wanted, and when finished, tap on the Save & close icon.


How to add, move or delete points of a set?

To add waypoints to a set:

  • Tap on any waypoint of the set and on the set icon right of the waypoint name;
  • Scroll the menu to the bottom and choose Edit points to activate the edit mode;
  • Tap on + Waypoint to add waypoints as explained above.

To edit, move or delete an existing waypoint using the edit mode:

  • Tap on one waypoint of the edited set of waypoints, and tap on:
    • Edit details to edit the details of the waypoint (name, icon, description, etc.);
    • Move to center to move the waypoint to the screen center ;
    • Delete to delete the waypoint.

When you've done, tap on the Save & close icon to close the edit mode.


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