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AlpineQuest Online Help

Welcome to the AlpineQuest Online Help for 1.4 versions.

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Using AlpineQuest

The default view of AlpineQuest is the map canvas. This is the view displayed when you start the application.

Various items are displayed on it to help you achieving your task efficiently. Most of them can be displayed or hidden depending on your will.

The map

The current map covers all the screen. By default, the system top toolbar is hidden (this can be changed in the Preferences). Press the device Menu button to display it.

If your device supports multi-touch, you can use two fingers to zoom in or out the map view.

The features menu

The features menu is displayed at the bottom of the screen. All functionalities are sorted in five categories called features. There is one menu button for each feature.

  • Press on a menu button to display its sub-menu that lists main functionalities for that feature;
  • Long-press on a menu button to call the first functionality of the sub-menu. For instance, long-press the first menu button to reduce the features menu.

The information boxes

Some information boxes can be displayed at the top of the screen. They are all related to a particular feature, you can choose to display or hide them from the related sub-menus.

The zoom buttons

You can use the zoom buttons to change the zoom level of the current map (if it has multiple levels).

When you are displaying the first or the last zoom level, the buttons can also automatically load a new map that best fits the new level of details asked.

The zoom slider

The zoom slider allows you to finely change the zoom value. Once a new map level is available for the new zoom value, it is automatically displayed. The zoom slider will only change the zoom value for the current map, and never loads a new map like the zoom buttons.

You can change the range of the zoom value controlled by the zoom slider. It can either:

  • Controls the zoom value for the current map zoom level. In this case, use the zoom buttons to display another zoom level;
  • Controls the zoom value for all the zoom levels of the current map;
  • Controls the zoom value for the entire zoom range supported by AlpineQuest.

By default, the zoom slider is hidden. Use the AlpineQuest preferences to display it.

Discovering the features

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