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   * Check the "''​**Update data already stored**''"​ {{:​icon_02.png?​nolink}} option;   * Check the "''​**Update data already stored**''"​ {{:​icon_02.png?​nolink}} option;
   * Tap on "''​**Ok**''"​ {{:​icon_03.png?​nolink}} to validate.   * Tap on "''​**Ok**''"​ {{:​icon_03.png?​nolink}} to validate.
 +{{:​icon_help.png?​nolink}} This option is automatically un-checked on the next process.
 {{ :​en:​help:​v2:​maps:​on-demand-update-area.jpg?​nolink }} {{ :​en:​help:​v2:​maps:​on-demand-update-area.jpg?​nolink }}

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