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 ====== AlpineQuest FAQ ====== ====== AlpineQuest FAQ ======
-===== Lite and Complete versions =====+\\
-==== What are the differences between both versions? ====+===== What are the differences between both versions? ​=====
-The Lite version ​is a free and time-unlimited application ​offering a subset of the complete version.+AlpineQuest ​Lite is a free version (no ads, not limited in timeoffering ​only a subset of the complete ​(paid) ​version.
-Differences ​are listed by features ​[[:en|in the main description page]].+All differences ​are [[http://​www.alpinequest.net/​compare|listed here]].
-==== Is it safe to remove the Lite version after installing the complete one? ====+\\
-Yes. It's even recommended so you don't start it by inadvertence,​ and it will free space.+===== I have just purchased the application on the Play Store, but the download doesn't start or fails =====
-All your cached maps and saved landmarks are shared by both versions, ​and are not removed when you un-install any version.+This is a Google Play issue and unfortunately there is nothing we can do in this case. You just need to wait some time and the download will start. If the problem persists, ​you can contact [[https://​support.google.com/​googleplay/​contactflow?​hl=en|the Google Play support]].
-===== Offline map issues ​=====+===== I have a new device, can I install the complete version without paying again? ​=====
-==== Why don't my MemoryMap maps work in AlpineQuest?​ ====+Yes.
-AlpineQuest doesn'​t support ​the new MemoryMap format (.QC3 file extension)as well as encrypted maps. You can use the free Lite version to check if your maps are compatible. +If you have purchased ​the application on the Play Store, you just need to reuse the same Google account on your new deviceThen open the Play Store applicationclick on the top/left menu, select "My Apps & Games" and all your purchased applications will be listed in the "​Library"​ tab.
- +
-==== Is there a size limit for the offline map files? ==== +
- +
-Android versions smaller than the 3.0 cannot manage files bigger than 2GBOn those versions you will get errors while displaying parts of the maps which are stored after this size limit.+If you have purchased ​the application on our website using PayPal, install and activate the application [[https://​www.alpinequest.net/​en/​buy#​how_to_proceed|as explained here]] (skip the payment step).
-Starting with Android 3.0you will be able to read very big maps correctly.+To reuse the data from your old deviceplease see below.
-===== Google Play and registration issues ​=====+===== I have a new device, how can I reuse all the data I have on my old device? ​=====
-==== I have just purchased the application ​on Google Playbut the download doesn'​t start or failedWhat can I do? ====+The application ​saves all its data in its application folder. In order to reuse your datayou need to copy this folder from your old device to your new device. [[en:​help:​v2:​settings:​storage#​how_to_locate_the_application_folder|See here how to locate ​the application folder]].
-Unfortunately this is a Google Play issue, which is sometimes overloaded, and we have no control over this automated process.+  * If the application folder ​is located on an SD card, you can simply reuse the same SD card on your new device; 
 +  * Otherwise you need to manually copy the folder: you can use your USB cables and computeror create a ZIP archive of the application folder ​and copy this archive using a cloud application.
-Google Play will however remember that you have purchased ​the application ​and you won't have to pay again.+After moving ​the application ​folder, be sure to correctly setup the application on your new device [[en:​help:​v2:​settings:​storage#​how_to_change_the_application_folder|as explained here]].
-The only thing to do is to wait few minutes for the download to start. If you think it's something else, contact us by e-mail.+\\
 +===== I want to re-install the complete version on my device but the Play Store ask me to pay again =====
-==== I have bought ​the application using a first Google ​Accountand I would like to transfer it to another oneIs it possible? ====+Be sure that: 
 +  * You have purchased ​the application ​on the Play Store and not on our website ​using PayPal; 
 +  * You are using the same Google ​account you used when you purchased the application;​ 
 +  * You didn't cancel your orderasked for a refund or received an automated refund.
-Yes it's possible[[https://​support.google.com/​googleplay/​android-developer/​answer/​6230247|here is a help page explaining how to do it]].+If you have any doubtcontact us by email with your Google Play purchase order ID so we can check its status.
-==== I have a new phone/​device,​ can I use the complete version of the application on it without paying again? ====+\\
-Yes. All purchased applications are linked ​to the Google Account of your device. +===== Is is possible ​to transfer ​the application ​from one Google ​account ​to another =====
-  * If you have bought ​the application ​on Google ​Play, you just have to use the same Google Account on your new phone, and you will be able to re-install all your paid applications for free; +
-  * If you have bought the application on our website, you just have to use your same activation key/e-mail to register the application on your new device.+
 +Unfortunately not. Google doesn'​t allow it yet.
-==== I have used the same Google Account on my new phone/​device,​ how can I re-install the application ====+\\
-Start the Google Play application ​and go into your applications list. You should see all your previously purchased applications and be able to re-install them without paying again.+===== When trying to purchase ​the application, I'm getting the message "Not available in your country"​ =====
-If you don't see the application,​ check that: +It means you're currently located in a country where the Play Store doesn'​t ​offer paid application.
-  * You are using the same Google Account you used when buying the application;​ +
-  * You didn'​t ​cancel your order, ask for a refund or receive an automated refund; +
-  * You were using the paid version of the application+
-  * You have a working Internet data access.+
-Finally, you can send us your order number so we can check its status.+You must either use a VPN or [[https://​www.alpinequest.net/​en/​buy#​|purchase the application using PayPal]].
-==== I'm getting a "Not available in your country"​ message when trying to install ​the complete version ​====+===== I have purchased ​the application but I cannot activate it =====
-If you're getting this message from the Google ​Play Store application or the desktop ​version, or any similar message like "Not compatible ​with your device"​please check the following things: +If you have purchased the application on the Play Store, you don't have to activate ​the it. The complete ​version ​has been installed along with the Lite versionbe sure to use this one now on. You can uninstall the Lite version if you don'​t ​need it anymore.
-  * Check that paid applications are available in your country; +
-  * Have a look at any other paid application ​to check if the problem is only for this application or any paid application;​ +
-  * If you can't get any paid application,​ check that you don'​t ​have a protection/​cleaning application causing this issue ("​Malwarebytes"​ as been reported as doing so).+
 +If you have purchased the application on our website with PayPal, you must [[https://​www.alpinequest.net/​en/​buy#​how_to_activate_your_alpinequest_copy|activate it]].
 +  * If the activation dialog shows "''​Locked by another device''",​ it means that you are trying to activate more than one device with the same key in a short period of time. Wait some days or contact us by email for more details;
 +  * If the activation dialog shows "''​No network''",​ it means that you are currently not connected to the Internet. Internet is required when activating the application;​
 +  * If the activation dialog shows "''​Unregistered''",​ it means that your activation email is not recognized. Contact us by email for more details including your purchase details.
-==== I have bought AlpineQuest but the registration process doesn'​t work ====+===== When is the application making sounds? =====
-  * If you have bought the application using Google Playyou don't have to register ​the application. Google Play have installed a new complete version of the application,​ which is not registrable. Be sure to remove the free version so that you don't use it anymore+The application ​does not make sounds unless you specifically request it by using one of those features: 
-  * If the registration process displays "''​Locked by another device''"​, it means that you are trying to register ​more than one device within one weekContact us if you have just upgraded your Android version; +  * Record a trackwith the setting ​''"​**Warn me if the GPS signal ​is lost or too weak**"​''. See setting {{:​icon_02.png?​nolink}} [[en:​help:​v2:​tracker#​the_track_recorder_settings|here]]
-  ​If the registration process displays ​"''​No network''",​ it means that you are currently not connected to the Internet+  * Follow a path, with the option ​''"​**Warn me if I go more than...**"''​. See option {{:​icon_07.png?​nolink}} [[en:​help:​v2:​landmarks:​follow-path#​how_to_follow_a_path|here]]
-  * If you have bought the application using PayPal and the registration process displays "''​Unregistered''",​ please send us an email with your PayPal transaction date.+  * Use proximity alerts. See [[en:​help:​v2:​landmarks:​proximity-alerts|here]].
-Note that you must be connected to the Internet to register the application.+\\

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