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-<​sub>​[[en:​help|Online Help]] > [[en:​help:​1.4|AlpineQuest 1.4]]</​sub>​ 
-====== Settings ====== 
-===== Main settings ===== 
-Main settings allows user to easily change some basic behaviors and configurations. 
-To open these settings: 
-  * Click on the main menu button {{:​icon_01.png?​nolink}};​ 
-  * Click on the **''"​Settings"''​**{{:​icon_02.png?​nolink}} menu item. 
-{{ :​en:​help:​1.4:​settings:​settings.jpg?​nolink }} 
-[[en:​help:​1.4:​settings:​storage|How to change the location of stored data ?]] 
-===== User settings ===== 
-[[en:​help:​1.4:​user-settings|User settings]] allows users to modify particular advanced behaviors. These settings are file based, and require the restart of the application to be taken into account. 
-[[en:​help:​1.4:​user-settings|More information on user settings]] 

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