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-<​sub>​[[en:​help|Online Help]] > [[en:​help:​1.4|AlpineQuest 1.4]] > [[en:​help:​1.4:​landmarks|Landmarks]]</​sub>​ 
-====== How to sort waypoints ? ====== 
-Waypoints can be sorted in different ways in the landmarks explorer and in the displayed landmarks list. 
-{{:​icon_help.png?​nolink}} You can only sort waypoints set. Ordered list like routes and tracks cannot be sorted. 
-===== Landmarks Explorer ===== 
-Once waypoints are displayed, click on their category icon {{:​icon_01.png?​nolink}}. 
-{{:​icon_help.png?​nolink}} You can see that a context menu is available for this item based on the small black down arrow displayed. 
-In the context menu, choose the sorting: 
-  * **None** {{:​icon_02.png?​nolink}}:​ waypoints are not sorted (order in file preserved); 
-  * **Name** {{:​icon_03.png?​nolink}}:​ waypoints are sorted based on their names; 
-  * **Distance** {{:​icon_03.png?​nolink}}:​ waypoints are sorted based on their distances from the current center screen location. 
-{{ :​en:​help:​1.4:​landmarks:​sorting.jpg?​nolink }} 
-===== Displayed Landmarks list ===== 
-Click on the Landmarks menu item and select "''​**Displayed landmarks**''"​. 
-  * In the displayed landmarks list, click on a waypoints set {{:​icon_01.png?​nolink}};​ 
-  * Long-press any waypoint {{:​icon_02.png?​nolink}},​ or click on its icon; 
-  * In the context menu, select the sorting {{:​icon_03.png?​nolink}}. 
-{{ :​en:​help:​1.4:​landmarks:​sorting-side.jpg?​nolink }} 

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