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-<​sub>​[[en:​help|Online Help]] > [[en:​help:​1.4|AlpineQuest 1.4]] > [[en:​help:​1.4:​landmarks|Landmarks]]</​sub>​ 
-===== How to export tracks in KML format ? ===== 
-  * From the GPS Location Tracker window, click on the "''​**Export**''"​ button; 
-  * If desired, enter a name and a description for your track; 
-  * Check the "''​**KML**''"​ export format option {{:​icon_09.png?​nolink}};​ 
-  * Click on the "''​**OK**''"​ button to proceed to the export. 
-The track will be exported in a KML file in the AlpineQuest landmarks folder (by default '''/​sdcard/​alpinequest/​landmarks/'''​). 
-{{ :​en:​help:​1.4:​tracker:​tracker-export.jpg?​nolink}} 

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